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Memorygrabber is a 321 page downloadable life story workbook.

It is ideal for writing an autobiography or for getting an aging parent or grandparent to finally open
up and get those cherished family stories preserved for the ages.

This workbook will ask questions that will make you dig deep…

…and the responses that come about because of that digging, will generate the most valuable gift that you
could ever give your kids and grand kids.

It will be the gift of knowing about your life, their family history and their heritage.

Memorygrabber downloads as a PDF-formatted e-book. An e-book is simply a downloadable
“book” and is read using any free PDF reader, such as the Adobe Reader. (NOTE: Additional function, such as being able to type and save one’s answers directly onto the Memorygrabber pages can be had by using the free FoxIt PDF Reader. More information on this is below. FoxIt currently works only with a PC and  Apple Ipads).

Memorygrabber uses memory-stimulating questions, activities and exercises to “Mine Your Memories” and to
help you recall events, people, places and more!

I think that you’ll be surprised at all that you’ve forgotten over the years.

Besides it being a wonderful journey down memory lane for you… Memorygrabber will supercharge your
memory, causing a wonderful recollection of stories and experiences from your life.

Of course, it will also help you organize and preserve the memories that you still cherish and have on the
forefront of your memory.

I’m not a memory specialist, but who I am is a person that is very passionate about you leaving more than a
mere obituary behind, when your days in this life are over.

Your story and life experiences are, by far, more valuable than anything else that you will leave your
kids and grand kids.

Memorygrabber’s powerful memory triggers will help you preserve hundreds of things that your kids and grand kids will want to know about your life someday…

…. but won’t think to ask until it’s too late!

“There is nothing more you can do to turn your children’s hearts closer to yours than by keeping a journal and writing your personal history. Your children will ultimately love to know about your successes, your failures and your peculiarities. It will tell them a lot about themselves, too!” ~Hartman Rector, Jr

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As a child I can’t remember a time that my grandmother didn’t include a few photo-copied journal entries
in with my regular Christmas present.

She was always good about keeping a journal about her life, but these journal excerpts were those kept
by her parents, grandparents, great grandparents and then even her great-great grandfather.

She’d usually included only about 20-30 pages each year.

The oldest journal/life history that she has in her possession is that of
her great-great grandfather John Murdock. He was born in the 1790s.

On Christmas afternoons, during my later teen years, you would have
found me with my nose stuck in those pages.

I can’t even remember what my actual gifts were….maybe a new shirt
or pair of pants…

…but all I really remember now are the stories contained in those
journals and writings.

These kind of things have real value and they are still a treasure to me and
my family today!

Everyone has a story to tell and every family deserves to know a little
about from whom they descend.

My hope is that this workbook, after the many hours that I’ve put into
it, will inspire you and help you to tell the story of your life ….a story
that no one else in the entire world is more qualified to tell than you!

…they don’t often do anything to preserve those stories.

I’ve met people who have told me stories of fascinating things that they’ve
done and exciting places that they traveled to.

These were stories that really gave me an insight as to who that person
was and what made them the person that they presently were.

Even though I usually knew the answer before asking it…I would ask them:

“Have you written any of those stories down for you kids”?

Most of the time I would get a response like this…

…and so on and so on!

One thing I can tell you, for sure, is that when my ancestor John Murdock
wrote what he did, he didn’t have the benefit of spell check like we do
today! And yes, sometimes that fact is obvious in his writing.

But who really cares. I’m very glad that that didn’t stop him from writing what he did.

After realizing that the above was common of most people, I began
thinking of how I could help people overcome the concerns they typically
would have about writing their autobiography or lifestory.

I just wanted them to actually get started and, in the end, have
something in hand…that could be passed on to posterity!

Anything is better than nothing!

I had always been a fan of memory prompt books that I’d find in
bookstores. These books had some questions followed with lots of space
for you to write in the answer to each question.

Eventually they’d get a little boring, so I set out to improve upon those and to come up
with a “Mega” memory prompt book!

Memorygrabber is the result of that work!

I have seen different books in the libraries, but never one that is this easy and is capable of sparking so many memories that otherwise you never would think of!
…to come up with such an incredible how-to book is amazing!”
Yvonne Johnson, MemoryGrabber User, Pennsylvania, USA

1. Complete the Sentence Exercises

“My earliest recollection of my father is….” or “The oldest relative that I
can remember, as a child, was…” are examples of completing the sentence
excercises that you will find in the Memorygrabber workbook.

These questions are simple yet powerful.

2. Fill In The Blank Methodology

the choice of a blank tablet or a fill-in-the-blank workbook, most
people will choose the fill-in-the-blank method to write about events
from their lives.

It is easier because it takes the pressure
off of having to decide what to write about and it doesn’t require great spelling and grammar skills.

It will lead you from topic to topic, one page
after another!

3. Mental “Walk-Throughs”

Use locations from your past such as your childhood home, newlywed
home, your first grade classroom or your old neighborhood to recall memories!

Focusing all of your attention on a specific location from your past, you
will sketch out all that you remember about minute details of that location

In the instance of a childhood home…point out details like:

Treat it as if you were giving someone a tour of places from your past.

Trust me, the memories will come flooding back! A copy of Memorygrabber
will give you many more location ideas
4. A Quick-Response Questionnaire

A lot can be said with a simple yes or no answer. Then stories about why you are the way that you are can be shared.

and many others are but a few examples.

There are 7 pages of yes or no questions in Memorygrabber.

5. Life Timeline Construction

One of the best ways to start telling about your
life, is by building a timeline of your life

Given a certain year and your age during that year will be the basis for matching life events with spots
on the timeline

You start out by putting major life events and
milestones onto the timeline first. Examples may
include …

…your birth, birth of siblings, marriage, births of your children, anniversaries, job changes, started school and more.

Memorygrabber provides a simple timeline format that covers up to 105 years

6. Daily Journal Template

This will save you time and give you an unending number of things to journal
or write about on a daily/regular basis

7. Self-Interview Formatted Questions

8. List Creation Drills

List all kinds of things from your favorite ways to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon to first-time
experiences such as your first kiss and your first airplane ride!

The real “GOLD”, of course, lies in the stories that these lists will trigger!

Your past is important, but that is only one part of the “total package” that Memorygrabber seeks to help
you capture!

There are other areas that complete the story of your life!

A completed Memorygrabber workbook will help you make a very clear statement of:

This kind of thing really amazes me!

All the data in your memory banks could probably fill an entire library!

Seriously, if you were to have everything that is stored in
your memory put down on paper, including everything you’ve learned, heard, seen, done, experienced etc …
you’d have a whole library on your hands.

“When an elder dies, it is the same as if an entire library burned to the ground”
~ African Saying

I think it amazing how a mere mention of a name from your past, a sudden scent of perfume or a glance at
a photo you hadn’t seen for many years can suddenly trigger a dormant memory from a long time ago!

How does the the human mind do that?

Would that memory have ever resurfaced if
not for the outside stimulation?

I can’t say for sure, but I do know that our memories sometimes
need a catalyst or a spark….a trigger!

Memorygrabber provides that spark and it will be the catalyst for you to go in and “Mine or Memories.”

There are several ways that people use the Memorygrabber workbook…

No, Memorygrabber is an e-book published in a PDF format. It is viewed by
using a PDF reader such as the Adobe Reader.

The Foxit PDF Reader adds the ability to type your answers and responses
right into the PDF file. Yes, it is now possible. This is relatively
new technology.

What Others Are Saying About Memorygrabber

Memorygrabber is being used in homes and schools around the world, from New Zealand to

Over the years, it has also been used in professional capacities:

Do you believe any of these excuses?

That You Have to Be a Great Writer to Write Your Lifestory?

Memorygrabber takes this one away because it is, in large part, a fill-in-the-blank workbook. There are
parts that are just like filling out a job application. Anyone can fill out an application, right?

From there add one or two sentences to convey an experience or a memory. Some of the workbook is as
easy as answering yes or no! Write as little or as much as you wish. Something is better than nothing!

That It Isn’t That Important to Write Your Lifestory?

This one has been covered on this page already, but if you still believe this, do it anyway and let your
kids and grandkids make that decision. I think you’ll find that they’ll disagree with you!

That Your Life Has Not Been All That Special, Enogh to Write About? 

If you still believe this after giving Memorygrabber a legitimate try, contact me and I’ll refund your
money…but I’ll be shaking my head in disbelief!

That You Wouldn’t Know Where to Start?

Pick any of the 321 pages that interests you the most…just get started

That Autobiographies and Life Stories are Only for Celebrities? 

All of the above assumptions are simply not true!

If you gave a person a blank piece of paper and told them to start writing about their life, chance are they wouldn’t get far and they wouldn’t enjoy the challenge!

Give them a fun, fill-in-the-blank bio to fill out and the result will be very different….it would probably be hard to get them to stop, because most would consider it fun!

Memorygrabber is a great conversation starter… especially with parents
and grandparents that are sometimes reluctant to talk. Sometimes we just have to take the initiative
to start the conversation with our aging family members.

Back in 2001 a grandmother on the Rootsweb Nostalgia Message Board responded to one of my posts and said
the following: 

“I know that we (grandparents) would also love it if our children would be interested in our stories now while we are alive instead of waiting until we are gone, to look for them.” Sandy 2001 

I realize that not all of our elders think like this, but I think most do…to some degree or other.

Get a copy of Memorygrabber and take it over on your next visit to see your mother, father or aging grandparent.

…Or take a copy to the next family reunion and see what conversations and wonderful memories you can stir up!

Memorygrabber is one the greatest investments you ever make….and at such a low price, it seems a “no-brainer” to most!

Once you are satisfied with all of the stories and information contained in
within your life story document, you will be able to send copies of it to
whomever you wish and thus insure that someone will always have a
copy of it….it will never be lost.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with Memorygrabber. If
for any reason, you believe that this workbook will not be of benefit
to you and your family, just ask for a full refund.

I will process that refund within minutes of receiving your refund request. This is my promise to you.

If you have questions about Memorygrabber, please contact me
and I will get an answer to you just as quick as possible.

NEW! Memorygrabber is available in a British English version. This version reflects
British spellings, wording/expressions,etc.  Apartment = flat, diaper = nappy, realize = realise, and so on.

You’ll be given the option to download either version, on the download page.

Purchases may be made via Credit Card, Phone, Fax, Mail or PAYPAL

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Memorygrabber is being used in homes, schools and in professional capacities throughout the world. Here are some examples:

“A Valuable Piece of Work””(Memorygrabber)…it’s a valuable piece of work!….I can imagine the time and thought you spent developing it. It shows!” “There’s no excuse now for ANYONE to say their life story can’t be written. You’ve eliminated all the excuses.””After buying your first Memorygrabber, I wrote an 85 page story of my life, my 75 years.” “After going through your new (version), I know I can and will fill in at least another 100 pages.”  — Bill Parks, Texas

Michael, Thank you for having the wonderful idea for all the work that you have done. I don’t know much about my family and I have struggled with that my entire life. Now that I am 35, I am just starting to ask questions. However, it’s too late to ask my grandparents. My parents never asked either. I want my children to know as much as they possibly can. Thank you again and keep up the great work. — Cecelia A.”Now I Have … More Focus””The task just seemed far too overwhelming before. Now I seem to have more of a direction and also I am more easily focused (with MemoryGrabber)” — Eliza, Memorygrabber user”…Speech about my Life”Your Memorygrabber is awesome…this is just what I needed to do a speech about my life!  –Paulene L, Bahamas

“Strongly Recommend””I would strongly recommend (Memorygrabber). It really is the most useful tool I’ve come across. There are some really neat links, too, for remembering stuff in certain decades, fads, styles, etc. Made my head spin!” Shani, Memorygrabber user, Florida, USA

“From All of us at Sol Amor Hospice We Just Wanted to say THANK YOU!””Michael, We are working on a new program and we will be doing life reviews on all of our patients.  From all of us at Sol Amor Hospice we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! We … love the (downloaded) book (Memorygrabber) and our patients will too!” Tricia HoltLife Care Coordinator, BSWSol Amor HospiceTulsa, Ok”I’m Amazed by all You’ve Included” Michael, “I am a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma, working to complete my Master’s of Gerontology. For my final project I am designing a life history program to be conducted, by myself, at our local senior center. Your passion is evident in your product. Thank you for allowing it to be a part of my program.I reviewed the entire Memorygrabber again today and I’m amazed by all you’ve included!” — Jennifer Nance”One of the Best Things that I Have Ever Come Across!”Dear Michael, I am looking forward to working on this long project and I am looking forward to finishing it to share it with the family.   I have 14 nieces and nephews and I am glad that I will be able to share my life experiences with them as they get older. Memorygrabber has just been one of the best things that I have ever come across!Thank you so much for your support and efforts to make my life story a success!! Take care and I will keep you updated on my progress.  — Elizabeth Fox,  Michigan

September 2011—————“MIchael, Thank you so much for this program. I’m going to use, use and use this! You are an angel!” – Frances S, MemoryGrabber owner “Capable of Sparking so Many Memories””I have seen different books in the libraries, but never one that is this easy and is capable of sparking so many memories that otherwise you never would think of…to come up with such an incredible how-to book is amazing!” Yvonne Johnson, MemoryGrabber User, Pennsylvania, USA “Didn’t Know Where to Start””I’ve always wanted to do this (write my life story), but was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start.” — Ola Norman, MemoryGrabber User, North Carolina USA  “Well-Organized … User Friendly””It’s well organized, colorful and fun to do…a great combination! It makes writing family history user-friendly.” — Margaret Knorr, Kaleidoscope Journal “Addicting!”I just wanted to let you know instead of taking my Sunday nap today, I opened up Memorygrabber and spent over an hour filling in blanks about my life. Wow, that gets addicting, but fun! — Crissy Butts, alaskansplendor.com

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Click here to get Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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